Card + Mask

Handcrafted Christmas Card + Masks. Made in Ireland!

  • Handmade postcards are made from the remains of the fabric that we use for face masks sewing. Each card is unique, made with love. The number of Christmas card is limited.
  • High-quality reusable cotton face mask.

    • High-quality 100% cotton fabric
    • Double-layer with pouch for filter.
    • Anatomically shaped
    • Elastic bands

    The high-quality reusable masks are handcrafted, made with love by mothers! The fabric can be washed at 60 ° C. We avoiding unnecessary waste production. Made in line with WHO, HSE and ECDC guidelines.

Size: Men, Women, Children

We like to surprise our customers. Therefore we send a surprised selection of our masks to you. However, please get in touch if you really like/dislike a colour and we will try our best to accommodate.