About Us


Saoirse - Ethnic Hands on Deck is a social enterprise founded by migrant women living in direct provision and local communities across County Cork, Ireland. Our mission is rooted in two pillars: reducing barriers to employment while empowering migrant women. We take pride in using our brand to tell stories that matter and strive to create stylish, high-quality products that promote fairness and community benefit. Through Saoirse, we harness the potential of migrant women, channelling their creativity and determination to establish a sustainable economic enterprise. Our name, Saoirse, meaning "freedom" in Irish, reflects our aim. Our designs reflect the joyful fusion of cultures, embodying the hope and determination that drive us.

Empowerment through Solidarity

As migrant women, we bring a wealth of skills to the table, yet face barriers to employment in Ireland. In response, we've united to create opportunities for ourselves and fellow members. Our cooperative is a testament to the strength of solidarity and the desire to break down barriers together. Saoirse - EHD empowers migrant women by teaching new skills, particularly in textiles, and facilitating entrepreneurship.


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