The Heart of our Mission

At Saoirse - Ethnic Hands on Deck, we are committed to raising the voices and addressing the needs of migrant communities, particularly those living in Direct Provision centres.

Since 2023, we have actively supported the Direct Provision Christmas Parties initiative, collaborating with other organizations to raise awareness and funds for this crucial cause.

Christmas Campaign

Together with Direct Provision Events, a dedicated group at University College Cork comprising students, lecturers, and friends of UCC, we have worked to ensure that children in DP centres across Cork experience the joy of Christmas. Through our collective efforts, we have raised €15,000 to organise Christmas parties for over 400 children, providing them with the opportunity to select presents of their choice and enjoy festivities with their families.


Beyond fundraising, we strive to shed light on the realities and challenges faced by those living in Direct Provision. We recognize the isolation and lack of resources experienced by residents, which hinder their integration into local communities. Through storytelling and advocacy efforts, we aim to foster empathy, understanding, and support for migrant families in Direct Provision.

What is Direct Provision? Learn more here