Meet the Team

Blerina - Head of Finance
I’m Blerina and I am head of Finance for Saoirse- Ethnic Hands on Deck
I’m from Albania. I have studied a bachelor's degree in Economics and I have an MSc in Economy-Business. I have worked as an economist for three years and I have done different courses about finance and the economy. I have been in Ireland for two years, where I’ve studied different courses, two of them at Nano Nagle Place, Cork.
I have a baby girl who is one year old.
My motto is 'with God, all things are possible'.
I believe that we can achieve everything we want if we put in the effort.
Barivule - Head of Design
My name is Barivule, I am from Nigeria and a mother of a 14 years daughter and an 11 years old son presently here with me in Ireland. Back in my country I studied B. ed. Economics and after which I became an entreprenuer. I ran a 3d. and Gd. celebration cake business alongside a shirt and apparel business under the name COB. Here in Ireland I am currently studying a diploma in Food Science and technology. I have done some short courses as well. I believe that we ought to "do what we can, with what we have, where we are.” our best is all that matters."
Inga - Head of Marketing
I, my husband and baby moved from Latvia to the emerald island 2 years ago. My mother has been living here since 2006, I often visited her and fell in love with Ireland.
My mother used to work in a nursing home. She lovingly took care of people. And now she needs help herself. Therefore, we made the decision to move. I am incredibly happy that I made this decision. The family has united, we live together in one of the best countries in the world.
My passion is art. I studied to be a designer. Later I got my Bachelor's degree in multimedia communications and worked in a production center as an event organizer.
My motto is to learn and develop! Having arrived in Cork, I continue to improve. It was difficult for me to overcome the language barrier. I turned to the Cork Migrant Center for help. I met a lot of women from different countries. We had a lot in common. Various talents and experience resulted in the idea of ​​creating a cooperative. Now we are creating a business together in order to provide ourselves with jobs and benefit the country, our new beloved home.

Arife - Head of Logistics

Originally from Albania I’m living in Ireland for almost 3.5 years now.

I’m a woman, a wife and a mother of two little beautiful girls under 3years of age!

I have a degree in Chemistry and Food technology! And a lot of personal experience in that area! 

One of my passions in life has been sewing! With over 1 year of experience in sewing I joined Saoirse-EHD to create and make beautiful products! 

I am a member of a few different charity/non-charity organizations, one of the founders of Women Coffee Morning at CMC, SMI and now Saoirse-EHD! 

Participating in most /courses/events/gatherings  organized in Cork for migrants and more, I’m proud to say I’ve reached most of my goals so far! 

Thank God (for me), courses are online now and I’m following three different ones! Always trying to upgrade myself! 

At the moment I’ve dedicated my time to my family and to the cooperative! 

I do have a motto; -Try and fail but don’t fail without trying!

Deborah - Secretary

I am a mum of four. Originally from Nigeria, I have lived in Ireland for almost four years. I am currently studying for my PGDip in Trauma Studies from University College Cork. I am one of the founding members of the women's group at Cork Migrant Centre. I am passionate about the environment, mental health, and recovery.

Margaret - Logistics Manager

My name is Margaret, originally from Kenya and a mother of two amazing kids. We living in Cork, currently am Pursuing Healthcare Assistant in Cork College of Commerce. “If you believe, you can achieve.” That’s my motto